If you are vacationing in a small beach community and need a quick, easy, reliable transportation, a street legal golf cart from Dixielectricar is for you.

One of our service areas is Rosemary Beach Florida. If you have ever visited this lovely beach community, you will understand that getting around in a regular vehicle can sometimes become a nuisance especially in the narrower roadways. A street legal golf cart is perfect for residents and visitors of Rosemary Beach when going restaurant hopping and going for a quick ride to the beach.

Visit Dixieletricar for the best street legal golf carts in Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Street Legal Golf Carts Rosemary Beach Florida

Visitors who purchase a street legal golf cart and do not have the space for it can rest in ease because we offer golf cart storage. Learn more about our convenient golf cart storage HERE.

Check out our new street legal golf carts and pre-owned street legal golf carts in our Santa Rosa Beach facility. Our professionals can answer your questions about financing an EZ-GO® Find out how you can get approved for your EZ-GO, HERE.